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Check-in at the airport

For all international flights, the check-in procedures start from approximately 2,5 hours until 45 minutes prior to your departureFor all domestic flights, check-in is available from two hours until 30 minutes prior to your departure.

If you would like to save time at the airport and keep all contact to a minimum, we recommend that you use our convenient online check-in service from the comfort of your home. You should plan to arrive at the airport earlier than usual.

For our international flights, we request kindly that you arrive at the gate at least 45 minutes before departure and that you have your boarding card ready for boarding. For our flights within Turkey, we kindly request that you arrive at the gate with your boarding card at least 30 minutes prior to departure.

We would like to clearly point out that a late arrival at the departure gate means that you will forfeit your right to your flight – the check-in time is calculated so as to ensure your flight goes smoothly. Presenting yourself after the deadline time may lead to a refusal to allow you board the flight.

Online Check-in

For international flights departing from Turkey the Online Check-in is possible between 36 and 1 hours prior to departure, for domestic flights it is possible until 45 min prior to departure. For international flights departing from all other airports the Online Check-in is possible between 36 and 3,5 hours prior to departure.

The Online check-in is available for the following departure airports:

  • All airports in Germany
  • All airports in Turkey (except flights to London Luton)
  • Amsterdam (AMS)
  • Basel (BSL)
  • Vienna (VIE)
  • Zurich (ZRH)

We are working on the reactivation of the Online Check-in at further airports.

Please note that the mobile check-in or rather the usage of a mobile Boarding Card is only possible for:
1) All international flights departing from Europe
2) All domestic flights within Turkey
3) All international flights departing from Turkey – except flights starting from Izmir (ADB). For international flights from Izmir, the security authorities require the online boarding pass in printed form or a boarding pass from the check-in counter.

If you have booked your flight directly via SunExpress or via a SunExpress agency with access to the SunExpress booking system, you can log in with your booking or e-ticket number and your name.
If you booked your flight via a travel agent (SunExpress full chairport airlinesarter), please have your flight number handy and enter the departure and destination airports, the flight date and your name.

In the following cases, online check-in is not possible:
– Infants can currently not be checked in online.
– Travellers with restricted mobility who require special service or mobility aids cannot check in online. Therefore, please ensure that you fulfil the conditions specified by SunExpress before checking in online.

If you have not yet reserved a seat, the system will select a seat during the online check-in. If you are not happy with that seat, you can choose a seat you prefer for a fee.

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