What is Online Check-in?

What is Online Check-in?
Online check-in is the process of determining the location of the aircraft over the internet. In the meantime, you can choose your seat and purchase additional services if you wish. When you check-in online, you can deliver your luggage from the counter specially reserved for you.

What Does Online Check-in Mean?
It is called online check-in, a certain time before the flight time, seat selection and those who want to purchase additional services declare that they will board the plane. Online check-in time may differ depending on international and domestic flights.

How to do Online Check-in?
You can check-in online via our mobile application and website. After going step by step through the application or web page and entering the correct information in the appropriate places, you can complete the process by choosing a seat if you wish. After online check-in, all you have to do is wait for your flight if you don’t have any luggage.

Is Online Check-in Mandatory?
It is not mandatory to do this process, but it is the most suitable option for those who want to save time. Passengers who do not have luggage or only carry hand luggage can enter the aircraft directly by only showing their boarding pass to the control officer, thanks to this process. In this way, passengers who check-in online save time.